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Music On Hold
Did you know that 60% of callers who listen to silence when placed on hold will hang up after only 40
seconds? Half of them won't call back! And while having your favorite local radio station on the hold system
may sound cool, do you really want the person on hold hearing about what great deals they're missing out
on at your competitors during a station break?

Let us create a positive customer experience for your business. Your callers are 100% your target audience
because they are calling
you! And remember, up to 35% of those who call make a purchase based on what
they hear while on hold. So, communicate to your customers, not just put them on hold. We provide you with
another level of professionalism for your business & the best vehicle of advertising all at once so that you
can give your callers the information you need them to have, with music on hold from Seventh Avenue
Productions! Have a look around & see what we can do for your business.
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